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Manager Customer Experience
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You are the voice of customer success at Oraan. You’ll showcase your expertise in Customer Journey, Retention, and providing the best experience

This role takes care of the entire relationship management with the customer at all stages of their interaction with the company. The broader goal is to align departments with a customer-centric culture, increase retention, reduce churn and conflict, and provide constant feedback to the product team in terms of what the customer is saying. The Customer Experience Manager ensures that all departments—sales, operations, customer support, or even product management—are united in helping the customer achieve their end goal.

  • Champion opportunities to consistently Improve the Oraan experience

  • Drive sales, retention, reduce churn, and increase customer satisfaction

  • Map the customer journey and identify opportunities to proactively intervene on the customer's behalf

  • Guide team in effective client issues resolution and handle any escalations

  • Develop listening points in the customer journey, define segmentation of customer base and varying strategies, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement

  • Driving customer feedback surveys and reverting back to close feedback loops to relevant stakeholders

  • Test new strategies for driving customer value

  • Continually review and evolve the collection of processes Oraan uses to track, oversee and organize every interaction between the customer and Vivacity throughout the lifecycle

Entry Requirements
  • At Least 3-5 years of relevant work experience - experience with working in startups will be preferred

  • Experience with working in a startup space would be preferred
    Experience in customer service is required

  • Knowledge of performance evaluation and customer service metrics

  • Solid understanding of reporting procedures

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills

  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills with a problem-solving ability

Key Skills